“Law Firm Leaders’ 3 Biggest Worries For The Rest Of 2020.” Law360.

“Law Firm Leaders’ 3 Biggest Worries For The Rest Of 2020.” Law360.

July 10, 2020

While law firm leaders are looking at the future with cautious optimism, there are major concerns for the legal field moving forward. With #COVID19 numbers increasing across the country, we expect the pandemic to last well into next year. As we prepare for the future, we’ve shifted our policies on remote working-- we believe people can work as well (or better) from a remote workspace, which is why we no longer require our employees to be in the same cities as our physical offices. While we've adapted our practices, we are still incredibly focused on diversity and inclusion efforts. "With most law firms focused on efficient business practices, teleworking and finances, diversity is ranked at the bottom of the priority list for many. As seen in the last recession … women and Black attorneys are the most likely to be laid off and have their salaries reduced. With that in mind, we are focused on continuing our efforts to diversify our team, and the legal field more generally." Our Founder and CEO Jay Edelson spoke with Law360 about the impact of the global pandemic on the legal field, and his concerns moving forward.

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