“Titan Of The Plaintiffs Bar: Edelson’s Jay Edelson” Law360.

“Titan Of The Plaintiffs Bar: Edelson’s Jay Edelson” Law360.

March 31, 2021

Jay Edelson, founder of Edelson PC, is known for cultivating an office culture that wouldn't feel foreign to employees of the technology companies he's made a career out of suing. Ping pong table in, suits out. So it's not lost on him that in 2020, a year studded with more than $2 billion in verdicts and settlements, he wasn't able to round up his staff in person. A record-making $650 million Facebook settlement and a headline-grabbing lawsuit accusing infamous California class action attorney Thomas Girardi of stealing from widows and orphans of a 2018 Boeing crash are just two of the highlights that earned him a spot on Law360's 2021 Titans of the Plaintiffs Bar list.  

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