Is Your Law Firm Mishandling Client Information?

Don't wait until it's too late, blow the whistle on these dangerous practices.

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    In the past few months, more and more big law firms have announced that they’ve been hacked by criminals seeking out highly sensitive client data.


    Unfortunately, while lawyers have a legal duty to protect their clients’ confidential information, many firms (large and small) don’t actually protect this data properly. If your firm has ever done any of the following, client data may be at risk:


    • sent unencrypted confidential documents by email;
    • sent documents on unencrypted hard drives or used outdated document sharing platforms;
    • uploaded documents through client portals or websites;
    • required clients to pay bills or invoices online;
    • failed to use up-to-date malware or AntiVirus software; or
    • failed to use up-to-date operating systems.


    Don’t wait until a breach has already happened to speak up. If you have worked at a firm–in any capacity–that you suspect or know is not properly handling client data, let us know. And, if you’d rather not share your contact information, we understand. Just leave the name, number and email address fields blank.

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