Kelsey McCann

Chief of Staff

I graduated summa cum laude with dual degrees from DePaul University. I serve as the firm’s Chief of Staff, and sit on the Executive Committee, Hiring Committee, and Summer Associate Committee.

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What makes Edelson unique?


The firm has a flat hierarchical structure, official positions and titles are of little consequence- everyone is given the same opportunity to observe, learn, and contribute.

Curriculum Vitae

KELSEY McCANN is the firm’s Chief of Staff.  In her role, Kelsey weighs in on and executes strategic planning, including HR issues, public relations, pro bono initiatives, staffing and the firm’s general strategic vision.  She is responsible for many aspects of the firm’s operations, including budgetary issues and working with the different practice groups and the individual employees to set and execute short and long term goals.


Kelsey sits on the Executive Committee and the Hiring Committee, where she screens and evaluates applicants for both permanent and temporary work. She is also a member of the Summer Associate committee, tasked with evaluating law students and college interns for the firm’s summer program and structuring the various aspects of the summer program.


Kelsey also coordinates the in-house training of law clerks and new lawyers.

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