Many people feel pressure to cosign bail bonds for their loved ones.

Many people are asked to cosign bail bonds for their loved ones. But they aren’t always provided with legal notices explaining their rights when they do so.  

If you co-signed a bail bond with a payment plan from Aladdin, but weren’t provided the legal notice shown below, then you may have a legal claim for a refund or debt cancellation. Contact us for a free case review.

Edelson PC is currently prosecuting proposed class action lawsuits against Aladdin Bail Bonds and All-Pro Bail Bonds on behalf of people who did not receive the legally required notice when they were asked to cosign a bail bond under a payment plan.  

The case asks a court to decide that such cosigner agreements are invalid under California law, to prevent Aladdin and All-pro from pursuing additional payments from those cosigners, and to require Aladdin to return money it took from cosigners under invalid agreements.

You may be a member of the proposed class if all of the following are true:

  • You did not receive the notice below before cosigning the bail bond;
  • You cosigned the bail bond on or after March 23, 2018, OR, made, owed, or were asked to make payments on a bail bond after that date;
  • The bail bond was not for you; and
  • The bail bond was not for your spouse.

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The notice required by California law is posted below:

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