Automated License Plate Recognition “End-User” Policy

Authorized Purpose for Accessing and Using ALPR Information

Edelson PC is a consumer protection law firm that has investigated (and may continue to investigate) privacy and civil liberty concerns with the use of automated license plate reader (“ALPR”) systems. As such, the firm may access ALPR systems to determine whether a particular ALPR operator has violated its clients or potential clients’ privacy rights or civil liberties.

Employees Who are Authorized to Access and Use ALPR Information

Edelson attorneys, investigators, and other support staff may access license plate information from ALPR systems through the course of an investigation into or litigation against an ALPR operator. All authorized employees who access and use ALPR information are required to read and understand this policy.

Monitoring and Compliance

Edelson uses physical access controls, application permission controls, and other technological, administrative, procedural, operational, and personnel security measures to protect ALPR information from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure. Edelson does not regularly use or access ALPR systems and, instead, uses and accesses these systems on behalf of its clients or potential clients who are concerned about the privacy and civil liberty implications of such technologies. That said, access to, and use of, ALPR information is logged for audit purposes and is maintained in a format that is understandable and useful.

Sale, Sharing and Transfer of ALPR Information

Edelson does not sell, share, or transfer ALPR information for any purposes other than its investigation(s) of ALPR operators and potential or actual litigation.

Custodian Responsible for Implementing this Section

Edelson is the custodian of the ALPR information that it accesses for purposes of its investigation(s) of ALPR operators and potential or actual litigation, and is responsible for implementing this policy.

Accuracy of ALPR Information

Edelson does not use ALPR information for any purpose other than investigation conducted on behalf of its clients or potential clients and any potential or actual litigation, and is not responsible for ensuring the accuracy of ALPR information.


ALPR information will be retained until the conclusion of an investigation, litigation, or at the request of a particular client, whichever is later.

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