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We are a nationally recognized leader in plaintiffs' class and mass action litigation. In addition to our cutting-edge cases, we work with a variety of governmental entities in helping shape federal and state legislation, and also represent them in actions they bring on behalf of consumers. Recently, we were recognized by Law360 as the only plaintiff’s firm (and the only firm with fewer than 500 attorneys) to be named an Illinois Powerhouse.
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We’re a complex litigation law firm that tackles problems other firms shy away from.

We have prosecuted some of the largest and most cutting-edge consumer class actions in recent years, and have secured over $1 billion for our clients in settlements and verdicts. As a result, we have been recognized as a “Titan of the Plaintiffs Bar” and a “Plaintiff’s Class Action Powerhouse”. Commentators have singled out our willingness to tackle problems other firms shy away from and our creativity in finding winning strategies that were not readily apparent.
We have several sub-groups within our plaintiffs’ class and mass action practice:

How We Do It

Unlike other firms, we have a dedicated team of lawyers and technologists who investigate and develop new cases. Instead of chasing the headlines, our case development team is leading the country in both identifying emerging privacy and technology issues, as well as crafting novel legal theories to match.
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Once a case is off the ground, our litigation teams take the lead. Without the distractions of case development or appellate work, our litigators are able to drive cases more efficiently and reach better results. Our litigation teams are each able to push dozens of cases around the country and aren’t happy if they are not in court, at a dep, or settling a case at mediation.
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Issues of first impression and complex legal arguments are daily occurrences for our appellate team. You’ve never seen a group of people who love to debate the finest legal points or write more than this group. And they’ve done that from state appellate courts all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.
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Our advocacy does not end in the courtroom. We have a dedicated Government Affairs team comprised of lawyers, technologists, and legislative professionals who advocate for consumer rights at every level. Our team has testified before city, state, and federal legislative bodies on a variety of consumer privacy and cybersecurity issues, and are repeatedly asked to help shape federal and state legislation. Our Government Affairs team also works with a variety of governmental entities to prosecute enforcement actions when their rights – or the rights of their residents – are violated.
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Giving back.

We take our commitment to promoting access to justice very seriously, not only through our class action cases, but also through our pro bono work. We have partnered with the Settlement Assistance Program in the Northern District of Illinois to aid pro se litigants in reaching positive resolutions of matters ranging from employment discrimination to Section 1983 claims. Likewise, we have co-counseled with attorneys from the Northwestern Center on Wrongful Convictions to assist with ongoing criminal appeals stemming from the Jon Burge torture allegations. We have also provided pro bono representation in consumer protection cases (e.g., consumers harmed through systematic fraud) and well as employment discrimination/harassment matters.

We also have fun.

Being a lawyer can be stressful. And sometimes boring. A core principle we have always operated under is the need for balance and having fun. We pick cases we think are fun. We take on projects we think are fun. And, we do things we think are fun that have nothing to do with work at all. From an early morning round of golf or a game of beach volleyball, to mid-day trips to the movies, having fun is an important part of who we are. Our holiday parties are epic events featuring increasingly high production video content, and at times, live performances. Our summer program has been known to include fake summer associates, polar bear lawyers, and several other pranks never made public. In fact, our primary summer recruiting tool in Chicago is a beach party with multiple levels of volleyball competition.

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