A plaintiffs' law firm that tackles problems other firms shy away from

Over the years, Edelson PC has earned a national reputation for its creativity and bold take on practicing law, all while taking on cases that are viewed as “unwinnable.” As a result of the firm’s innovative approach, Edelson has helped secure over $4 billion in settlements, judgment and verdicts in cases where it served as lead counsel, and over $45 billion overall in cases where it served in a broader leadership structure.

We Chart New Territory

Our cases don’t piggy-back on prior government investigations or other firms’ work. We regularly are first to uncover new types of cases, develop new legal theories, combat new technical issues, and reach precedent setting settlements. Our cases don’t chase the news, they break it.

We Actually Enjoy Our Work

Being a lawyer is stressful, and not always fun. So it’s a core principle of ours to make sure we only take cases that we’re passionate about and want to work on, that we put our people in positions where they can succeed, and that we also do things together that have nothing to do with work at all. From an early morning round of golf or a game of beach volleyball, to mid-day trips to the movies, having fun is an important part of who we are. Our holiday parties are epic events featuring increasingly high production video content, and at times, live performances. Our summer program has been known to include fake summer associates, polar bear lawyers, and several other pranks never made public.

Fight for Vulnerable Groups

We are dedicated to representing vulnerable communities in high-impact cases, leveraging both the firm’s resources and creative approach to secure real wins for people facing the hardest circumstances. Both the firm generally and the Public Impact Group litigate these cases.

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In the News

PacifiCorp Owes $72M+ To Property Owners After Fires

Law360 (June 12, 2023, 2:43 PM EDT) -- An Oregon jury on Monday found the utility PacifiCorp was grossly negligent in causing a group of Labor Day 2020 fires, awarding at least $71.9 million to owners of properties devastated by the blazes. The jury found the company was grossly negligent with regard to four…

Jun 13, 2023
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Titan Of The Plaintiffs Bar: Edelson's Jay Edelson

Law360 (April 26, 2023, 2:03 PM EDT) -- Before Jay Edelson dove headfirst into law school, he was so shy he couldn't even pick up the phone to order a pizza. But Edelson decided he wasn't going to let his introverted nature keep him from making a positive impact on…

May 02, 2023
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Hawaiian Electric faces increasing scrutiny, lawsuits

NewsNation (AUG 21, 2023 / 10:22 PM CDT) -- Hawaiian Electric Co. is facing multiple lawsuits following the Maui wildfires. At least one of the suits alleges that the electric company contributed to the cause of the devastation. “Hawaii Electric’s equipment started this fire, and it was entirely preventable,” Watts Guerra…

Aug 24, 2023
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