July 6, 2023 | Rachel Paun

NBC Chicago (July 5, 2023, 5:51 PM EDT) — Ari Scharg and his family heard the gunshots as they watched the 2022 parade about a block away from the gunman on a rooftop, who ultimately killed 7 and wounded 48 others.

“We just see a sea of people running straight towards us. And yeah, the kids were terrified. Picked them up. We ran,” Scharg said.

Scharg is an attorney with Edelson PC representing Liz Turnipseed in her lawsuit against the manufacturer who made the gun used in the shooting.

“Their marketing and advertising is unlawful,” Ari said.

The lawsuit alleges Smith & Wesson of “unlawfully marketing” its M&P 15 semi-automatic assault rifle – the one the Highland Park shooter used.

“These campaigns contribute to mass shootings. They encourage mass shootings and we want these advertising campaigns to end,” Scharg added.

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