Led by David Mindell (Partner) and Shawn Davis (Director of Technical Investigations/CIO), our investigation team is comprised of lawyers (generally with technical backgrounds), technologists (with advanced degrees in computer forensics and industry experience in information technology and security), and environmental geeks. Our investigation team is responsible for both helping to identify and evaluate potential cases, working with potential clients, preparing complaints, and taking the lead, where necessary, on litigation issues that require specific technical expertise.

Unlike the majority of plaintiffs’ firms that “chase the news,” we are particularly proud that our investigations team has uncovered cutting edge issues that were previously underreported or unknown.

Some examples of the groundbreaking work our investigative team has accomplished include:

  • Filed the first suits under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act against companies that were alleged to have collected biometrics information without consent. Defendants ranged from Facebook and Clearview AI (facial recognition software) to tanning salons (fingerprints).
  • We were lead counsel in a certified class action accusing a major Internet analytics company of improper data collection practices.
  • We served as class counsel and collectively obtained approximately $651 million in settlements against three key players in the predatory online gaming industry.
  • Demonstrated that Microsoft and Apple were continuing to collect certain geolocation data even after consumers turned “location services” to “off.
  • Filed the first suits under the Michigan’s Video Rental Privacy Act against magazine publishers for sharing subscriber information without consent.
  • Filed data security suits against companies in the health care and legal industries alleged to have existing vulnerabilities which would allow hackers to steal sensitive customer information.
  • Filed lawsuit stemming from personal data collection practices of an intimate IoT device.
  • Filed suit against data analytics company alleging that it had surreptitiously installed tracking software on consumer computers.
  • Filed numerous lawsuits under the Video Privacy Protection Act stemming from disclosure of personal viewing habits through streaming services without consent.

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