Our Public Impact Group takes on cases of significant public interest using an innovative model that allows us to continuously expand our work while benefiting charities in the process. Half of the fees recovered from these cases are used to support community-focused nonprofits who share our passion for combatting social, racial, and economic injustice or increasing the public’s access to the courts. The other half is reinvested in the group’s public interest work, allowing us to take on more cases, support more charities, and drive meaningful change in our communities.


The Public Impact Group was inspired by our firm’s personal experience with the mass shooting in Highland Park. Our friends, families, and members of our firm were directly affected by this tragedy, and it galvanized our resolve to fight the status quo. The Public Impact Group tackles a range of public interest issues, from holding gun manufacturers accountable and protecting reproductive rights to fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and protecting clients from attorney misconduct.

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