January 11, 2023 | admin

In Non-Compliant Episode 43, Host Jay Edelson, nationally recognized plaintiff’s attorney, and Founder of Edelson PC, is joined by Jeff Jacobson, a Partner at Faegre Drinker. Jeff has experience at the highest levels of the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, and chaired the Attorney General’s Cyber Working Group and personally briefed and argued some of the state’s highest-profile matters.

To start the show, Jay and Jeff discuss the early stages of their careers, and the benefits of having long-time adversaries on the opposite side of the v (7:15).

Later in the show, Jeff gives insight into how he approaches litigating class actions, and discusses his drive for providing the best outcome for his clients (17:57).

To end the show, Jeff and Jay discuss the Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA), and how that impacts their day-to-day work (32:32).


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