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Arizona State University

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“The only person I have to be better than is the person I was yesterday”

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Jennifer Lawrence

Curriculum Vitae

GREER RUBINSTEIN is the Senior Manager of Client Engagement at Edelson PC.

Greer leads a team of intake specialists and oversees client outreach. She and her team communicate with both prospective and current clients regarding potential and current class action and mass tort cases. Greer has guided hundreds of families who lost their homes and businesses in the Northern California Camp Fire through the initial steps of vindicating their legal rights, spoke with hundreds of former NCAA football players who are suffering from the long term effects of concussions, thousands of consumers who have suffered losses to illegal online social casinos, and cases focused on privacy and consumer rights.

Greer also works with a dedicated team of lawyers and investigators to help generate new and unique cases. She contributes in the early stages of investigations and aids in the factual research of new cases.

Greer graduated cum laude with a degree in criminology & criminal justice from Arizona State University.