Devin R. Conley

Senior Staff Attorney

I received my bachelor's and master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University and received my J.D. from the University of Illinois - Chicago. I concentrate on consumer mass actions and case generation.

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What makes Edelson unique?


There is an extensive collaboration of unique minds fighting for substantive issues that usually would not get the attention they deserve. The people who work for Edelson seek outcomes beyond that of traditional law firms, and, better yet, they achieve those outcomes for passionate clients.

Curriculum Vitae

DEVIN R. CONLEY is a Senior Staff Attorney at Edelson PC, where her work focuses on mass torts and class actions. Currently, Devin works closely with clients affected by significant life events such as the 2020 Oregon wildfires, which destroyed homes and businesses in a historical windstorm. Prior, she worked with hundreds of clients in the California Campfire in preparing claim submissions to the Fire Victim Trust.


In addition, Devin assists in client engagement in Edelson’s environmental cases against ethylene oxide exposure in Illinois, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.


Further, Devin works under the litigation team in class action cases against social casino gaming apps and platforms alleging illegal gambling.


Awards and Honors:

Devin was the Vice-President of the Sports and Entertainment Society and a runner-up in an American Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution competition in law school. She advanced to the round of 32 participants by arguing on-brief and off-brief in the Dean Fred F. Herzog Moot Court Competition and was a winner of the University of Illinois Chicago Dispute Resolution Triple Crown award.



Before law school, Devin received her master’s in Journalism from Arizona State University. She worked with a team to investigate harassment in high school sports in the Phoenix area and worked as an on-air reporter for the Arizona PBS affiliate Cronkite News.

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