Ericka Barloon

Recruitment Specialist

I graduated with highest distinction from the University of Iowa with a BA in Music Education and a BM in Classical Vocal Performance. I handle recruiting, outreach, and efforts for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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What makes Edelson unique?


It’s bravery

Curriculum Vitae

ERICKA BARLOON is the firm’s Recruitment Specialist. In addition to screening and interviewing applicants, Ericka assists with many of the firm’s outreach efforts, such as event planning, supporting non-profit work, and firm branding.



Ericka works hand-in-hand with the firm’s Chief of staff on the Hiring Committee. She screens applications, facilitates interviews, and assists in the process of lateral hires. With years of diversity, equity, and inclusion education and training, Ericka connects with programs, schools, and non-profit organizations in order to bring the highest quality candidates to Edelson PC. Always creatively minded, she promotes and supports the firm’s brand and spirit through design, company culture, and team building.

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