Jessica Woodard


I graduated with a degree in business administration and received my ABA Accredited Paralegal Certificate with honors from Loyola University Chicago.

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If you weren't a paralegal you would probably be:


Fitness instructor or chef

Curriculum Vitae

JESSICA WOODARD is the lead Paralegal at Edelson PC where she works primarily with the Litigation and Issues and Appeals teams. In her role, Jessica assists attorneys with preparation, finalization, and filing of complaints, memoranda, motions, and various other documents. She ensures compliance with local rules in the various courts and coordinates service of pleadings throughout the country.


Jessica is responsible for many aspects of internal case management including docketing, file organization, updating statuses, and helping attorneys prepare for hearings.


Jessica coordinates the in-house training of new paralegals and manages the distribution of workflow.


Prior to joining Edelson, Jessica worked at a law firm specializing in 42 U.S.C. § 1983 lawsuits involving individuals who were incarcerated at the Cook County Jail. During her tenure there, along with case management, she gained experience assisting in multiple trials in the Northern District of Illinois.

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