May 2, 2023 | admin

In their March 22 op-ed, the chair of the state bar’s Board of Trustees, Ruben Duran, and its executive director, Leah Wilson, opine that “moral authority of a society built on the rule of law lies in the fundamental belief that it applies equally to all.” True enough, but Duran and Wilson run a government agency, not a society. The moral authority of government lies in its observation of society’s norms and its just enactment of the rule of law. Belief alone doesn’t cut it.

Duran and Wilson’s insistence that the State Bar began reforming itself “in earnest almost a decade ago” is remarkable. During that same decade, Tom Girardi and others at his firm stole millions of dollars of their clients’ money with impunity and unimpeded by a State Bar that, according to Aaron May’s scathing report, Girardi had thoroughly infiltrated and corrupted.

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