Class action suit filed over license plate data, allegedly violating the privacy of millions of California drivers

Techspot (February 27, 2024) — What just happened? California resident Guillermo Mata has sued a Texas-based company for selling location data of people’s vehicles to marketers, repo agencies, and insurers. Filed in 2021, the lawsuit was granted class action status last September, and alleges that the actions of Fort Worth-based Digital Recognition Network (DRN) violate … Continued

California Judge Halts Litigation Over 23andMe Data Breach

LAW.COM (Feb 29, 2024) — A federal judge in California stayed lawsuits brought over 23andMe’s data breach, despite concerns raised by some plaintiffs lawyers about the possibility of continuing privacy violations. At a Thursday hearing, U.S. District Judge Edward Chen, who is overseeing most of the 35 lawsuits against 23andMe in the Northern District of … Continued

Wendy’s BIPA $18.2M class action lawsuit settlement

Top Class Actions (February 14, 2024) — Wendy’s agreed to a $18.2 million class action lawsuit settlement to resolve claims that it collected worker biometrics without following Illinois privacy regulations. The settlement benefits current and former Wendy’s employees who worked at a corporate-operated restaurant in Illinois and scanned their fingerprint in a finger scanner between … Continued