Hawaiian Electric faces increasing scrutiny, lawsuits

NewsNation (AUG 21, 2023 / 10:22 PM CDT) — Hawaiian Electric Co. is facing multiple lawsuits following the Maui wildfires. At least one of the suits alleges that the electric company contributed to the cause of the devastation. “Hawaii Electric’s equipment started this fire, and it was entirely preventable,” Watts Guerra partner Mikal Watts told … Continued

Roblox Agreed to Pay $10 Million in Settlement

Roblox consented to a $10 million settlement to resolve claims of exploiting children through permitting excessive purchases and subsequently erasing associated content in an attempt to conceal the issue. The settlement assists individuals who possessed a Roblox account prior to May 11, 2023, and experienced moderation and removal of their content on the Roblox platform … Continued

PacifiCorp Owes $72M+ To Property Owners After Fires

Law360 (June 12, 2023, 2:43 PM EDT) — An Oregon jury on Monday found the utility PacifiCorp was grossly negligent in causing a group of Labor Day 2020 fires, awarding at least $71.9 million to owners of properties devastated by the blazes. The jury found the company was grossly negligent with regard to four fires — the Echo Mountain … Continued