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Camp Fire?

In November 2018, the "Camp Fire," the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history, razed more than 150,000 acres across Butte and Plumas Counties, destroying homes, businesses, and lives. 

Mounting evidence suggests that PG&E may be responsible for the Camp Fire. Among other things, new evidence may indicate that PG&E did not properly maintain a nearly 100-year old transmission tower on the 115,000 volt Caribou-Palermo line where the Camp Fire appears to have started.

Edelson PC, on behalf of its clients, is taking action. We are pursuing both individual lawsuits and a class action lawsuitIf you incurred property damage, physical injury, business losses, or other losses as a result of the California Camp Fire, you may be able to recover monetary damages. Contact Edelson PC now for further information and a free case review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Edelson PC only filing a class action lawsuit?

A: No. On behalf of its clients, Edelson PC is pursuing both individual lawsuits and a class action. We will be filing individual lawsuits for all of our clients who choose that route.

A: Unlike the small personal injury law firms out there, Edelson PC has the experience and resources to fight this case all the way against PG&E. From Big Pharma to Facebook to the NCAA, we regularly take on the nation's largest corporations.

A: Probably not. All of the lawsuits regarding the Camp Fire will likely be coordinated into a single "Judicial Council Coordinated Proceeding." That process, and these kinds of cases take time. But we will fight as hard as we can to deliver justice for our clients as quickly as possible. 

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Q: My local attorney told me PG&E will settle quickly with me. Is that true?

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If you are a victim of the California "Camp Fire", you may be eligible to recover monetary damages.