Titan Of The Plaintiffs Bar: Edelson’s Jay Edelson

Law360 (April 26, 2023, 2:03 PM EDT) — Before Jay Edelson dove headfirst into law school, he was so shy he couldn’t even pick up the phone to order a pizza. But Edelson decided he wasn’t going to let his introverted nature keep him from making a positive impact on the world. As an undergraduate … Continued

Law360 Reveals Titans Of The Plaintiffs Bar

Law360 (April 23, 2023, 9:02 PM EDT) — In the past year, companies like JUUL, Capital One and Southern California Edison have settled for millions if not billions of dollars in litigation that was high-profile and often groundbreaking in its impact on the law itself. Such cases and many others — which involved opioids, sexual … Continued

Biometric Co. Will Pay $28.5M To End Privacy Class Action

Law360 (April 21, 2023, 8:37 PM EDT) — Two proposed classes of people who alleged their facial identities were illegally collected and stored by biometric data company Onfido Inc. have asked an Illinois federal judge to sign off on a $28.5 million settlement with the company. In a Thursday motion, plaintiffs Fredy Sosa and Rohith … Continued

High Court Won’t Hear $925M Robocall Jury Verdict

Law360 (April 17, 2023, 10:05 PM EDT) — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up multi-level marketing company ViSalus Inc.’s bid for review of a Ninth Circuit ruling that robocall recipients who obtained a $925 million jury verdict had been concretely harmed by ViSalus’ marketing calls. The justices rejected the health supplement … Continued

The State Bar Lacks the Moral Authority to Oversee Attorney Discipline

In their March 22 op-ed, the chair of the state bar’s Board of Trustees, Ruben Duran, and its executive director, Leah Wilson, opine that “moral authority of a society built on the rule of law lies in the fundamental belief that it applies equally to all.” True enough, but Duran and Wilson run a government … Continued

Reality Star Claims Deepfake App Violates Publicity Rights

Law360 (April 4, 2023, 5:36 PM EDT) — A former cast member of the “Big Brother” reality show hit a deepfake app developer with a proposed class action in California federal court on Monday, accusing the company of violating the Golden State’s rights of publicity statute by swapping users’ faces with celebrities and other renowned … Continued

‘Robot lawyer’ faces lawsuit for practicing without license

(NewsNation) — The world’s first “robot lawyer” is facing a new lawsuit for practicing without a license. The app called “DoNotPay” uses artificial intelligence (AI) and claims it can “fight corporations, beat bureaucracy and sue anyone at the press of a button.” Joshua Browder, a 2018 Thiel fellow, invented DoNotPay. He said he started the … Continued

Lawsuit pits class action firm against ‘robot lawyer’ DoNotPay

(Reuters) – DoNotPay Inc, which says it uses artificial intelligence to help consumers and bills itself as “the world’s first robot lawyer,” is facing a new lawsuit from a prominent plaintiffs’ law firm that says the company is practicing law without a license. To read more, click here.

Nearly 1.3 million Illinois Facebook users are getting a second check from last year’s $650 million biometric privacy settlement

There’s another check coming this month for nearly 1.3 million Illinois Facebook users who successfully filed claims in a landmark $650 million biometric privacy settlement. A second payment of $30.61 was issued beginning Feb. 28 to everyone who cashed their initial $397 settlement check last year in the class action lawsuit. The supplemental distribution represents … Continued